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Horsemanship and riding

Improve your horsemanship


'Ailsa has helped me change my approach to riding and develop a much more confident seat'


'The synchrony team have helped my horse change shape!'


',Groundwork has been an important skill in rehabilitating my racehorse - the team helped me get him to where I can ride him as I have wanted to.'


“I can't believe the difference in watching my dauighter after 6 lessons with you - what an improvement! ”


Jill, parent of Mary aged 12

Equido Academy Wales

Working with horses and riders, beginner riders and experienced competitors to improve your bond and build connections with you horse or the horses you ride


We draw our inspiration from the classical and western fields and our teaching from a wealth of knowledge about how people learn. We are keen to work with the nature of the horse and use a system closely attuned to the energy of the horse and human.

See our events page for clinics and coffee information evenings, where you can watch, join in and experience these wonderful methods for working with horses.

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Remember we can come to you as well as teach at our own centre!



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Open 7 days a week

  • Build a bond
  • be aware of the nature of the horse
  • develop confident riding and handling skills


Costs - at our centre


£15 1/2 hr

£30 per hr


£13 1/2 hr

£25 per hr


Horses Helping People

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01691 860689