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Smell and the Ancient Senses

By Mark Bradley

The first comprehensive introduction to the role of smell in the history, literature and society of classical antiquity, Smell and the Ancient Senses examines the ways in which the olfactory sense contributed to our perceptions of bodies, environment...

Helle Zeit Dunkle Zeit: In Memoriam Albert Einstein

By Carl Seelig

1 Der volle Wortlaut ist wiedergegeben bei M Fliickiger Albert Einstein in Bern Bern 1974 Dort S 181 2 W Pauli Opening Talk Zu Funfzig Jabre Relativitiitstbeorie Bern, 11 16 Juli 1955 Helvetica Physica Acta, Supplementum IV Basel 1956 Dort S 27 3 Zus...

Readings in Planning

By James F. Allen

Although numerous review articles on planning have appeared over the years, no systematic attempt has been made to collect the major papers in this field into one volume The goal of this book is to remedy this situation by bringing together in one...